Dual Dog Safe-Dog Tie Out

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Price $39.95

Made from the highest quality components, and custom fit to your truck, the Safe Dog Truck Tie Out provides convenient and quick access to secure your dogs. Now you can safely take your dogs out to play!

Use this one of a kind, specially designed tie out to protect your dogs. Don't let your dogs be the victims of a traffic accident.

- Rugged, weather resistant stainless steel and galvanized hardware

- Strong construction holds dogs up to 120 lbs

- Simple installation, no tools required

- Fully adjustable for most trucks 56" to 67" bed width

- Attaches to existing cargo hooks, no modifications required

- Streamlined design doesn't inhibit cargo loads

- Complete hardware setup for 2 dogs

- Separtated rings provide more freedom for multiple dogs

- Your pet is comfortable while maintaining safety

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